Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Starting over shit

The ugliest thing (nor best thing) happen today or yesterday is not your fault.
The situation of people in your surroundings are best, yet promising nothing to the sanity of mind.
Or is it insanity you would like to approach.
Might not be more intelligent from anyone, yet you still have power to kill it.
Put a dome.
The world outside your mind is narrow, banal and thought that itself are superficial.
Put fatalities on it.
"The masked you" are best at these times.
Remember how we swear at a rampant motorcycler with loud voices and make them stressful,
Yet we are laughing inside the helmet?
"Wake up, wake up daddy, sez Arisu".
Me: ah, you're still there kiddo
People need not to understand the way you think, as long as those mask are intact
No need to put it down either. At ease soldier, the world still at spin.
Oh yea and don't forget to do the structural insanity with discipline over PILES OF DATA ye collect.
Big band music surely made you up this morning.
Hahah, let's continue life
Yes, this is Mortal Kombat. The kombat of a mortal

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